Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

Choosing An Independent Living Facility You Will Thrive In

by Tony Grant

As you age, your largest concern may be how you are going to continue caring for yourself and maintaining your independence. Independent living facilities are designed to help make your life easier while you maintain a level of freedom and consistency. Choosing a community you know you will thrive in is key to finding happiness and comfort as you age, so make sure you keep the following in mind. 


Every independent living community provides certain amenities that allow their residents to enjoy social activities and daily tasks. Choose a facility that offers the following:

  • computer room
  • laundry services
  • pool or workout equipment
  • walking paths
  • pet-friendly rules

Some communities even have meal planning and preparation staff on-hand so you don't have to worry about eating healthy on your own every day.

Medical assistance

Safety is a concern as you age. You may fear falling or forgetting to take your medication. Perhaps you have a medical need that you have to address often, such as diabetes or arthritis. Many independent living facilities keep a full-time doctor or nurse on staff that you can consult if you ever need them. You also want to look for an independent living community that keeps nursing assistants in their employ who can help you with bathing, cooking, cleaning, and remembering pills as you need them. The more medical assistance a company offers, the more freedom you can have on your own while still getting the care you need.


An ideal independent living facility will allow you to have ample visitation from friends and family members without issue. You want your favorite people to be able to visit you at an independent living facility, just as they would if you will still living at your original home. Before seeking residence, ask the manager of any independent living facility you are considering what their policy is on overnight guests, what their visiting hours are, and if you have limitations on how many people can be in your home at one time. Explain to them that it is important that family and friends can easily see you whenever you wish, within reason. Every independent living community has different rules regarding visitation, so make sure you ask.

Living in an independent living facility is a great way to help you age while still keeping your freedom. Whether you want company of other residents, need assistance with daily chores, or wish to live closer to medical help should you need it, this kind of living can be beneficial to you in many ways.

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Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

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