Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

Finding A Senior Living Center: Which Perks Should You Look For?

by Tony Grant

Senior living facilities provide the ability for older people to live independently while getting a little extra assistance with day-to-day tasks and chores. As you look for the right facility to meet your needs, you'll want to find the community that offers extra perks that make living away from home more enjoyable. Here are a few options to look for in the best senior living communities.

On-Site Spa And Salon Services

Many senior living facilities offer salon and spa services. Some locations hire hair stylists, manicurists and massage therapists to make weekly or monthly visits, while others have spa salon storefronts that let residents plan a visit just as they would with a neighborhood location. If possible, choose a senior living facility that provides these on-site storefronts to help maintain a sense of independence.

Multiple Dining Options

Most senior living centers offer meal delivery services as well as meal service in a community dining room, but the best locations offer additional dining options, such as snack shops and cafes. These extra dining facilities are ideal for sharing a meal with visiting family members, providing residents with a more private way to visit with loved ones. Look for a location that offers multiple dining options so you can provide some variety for each meal and enjoy the occasional snack.

Transportation Services

Senior living facilities that offer transportation services to medical appointments, shopping centers and government buildings give residents the ability to run normal, everyday errands without having to drive or ask a family member for a ride. As you tour different facilities, make sure that the transportation services offered aren't limited to medical appointments. This will provide the freedom needed to still be an active part of the surrounding community. If you still drive, make sure that the facility allows you to bring your car with you.

Fitness Centers

Whether you are an active person or you simply want to get in shape, finding a facility with a fitness center is important. Some centers offer access to an on-site gym as well as regular fitness and wellness classes. Fitness centers with swimming pools provide the opportunity to enjoy a low-impact workout that is easy on your joints while still giving you a satisfying workout.

Social Activities

Modern assisted living facilities and senior centers offer more than just bingo night. Make sure that the center you choose offers a vibrant, active social calendar. Many facilities offer classes during the day and entertainment at night. Whether you want to watch a movie with your neighbors or you want to take a few dance lessons, your facility should be able to provide activities that meet your interests.

As you look for an assisted living facility, you'll still want to focus on the basics, such as available nursing, medical care, housekeeping and emergency services, but don't forget to look at the perks that come with each facility. The perfect new home for you will balance your physical and medical needs with plenty of activities and special services that keep you feeling young and active.


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Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

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