Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

What Are Short-Term Rehabilitation Services?

by Tony Grant

When you think nursing homes, you may think about people having to go live in one permanently. However, nursing homes can also provide another service. Many nursing homes also provide short-term rehabilitation services. 

Short-Term Rehabilitation Services

These rehabilitation services aren't to help people get off any kind of illegal substance. Instead, they are there for people who have had surgery or who have been injured and need to have some help in order to fully recover. A short-term rehabilitation center will also work for people whose homes are not accessible while they are healing. For example, a person who has had knee surgery and is unable to put any weight on that leg may need to stay in a short-term rehab center because their home has stairs that they are unable to use while their knees are non weight bearing. Staying at the short-term rehab center will allow them to heal in an accessible location and let them access things that can help them heal from their surgery. 

Physical Therapy

One of the services that people can get while they are in a short-term rehabilitation center is physical therapy. There are all things that physical therapy can do for a person. For example, after a surgery, physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles and bones that may have been affected by the surgery. A physical therapist can give the person strengthening exercises and teach them how to do them. The therapist can also bring the patient into a therapy room and help the patient learn how to go up and down stairs after their surgery or injury. For example, a person who will have to use a cane for the rest of their life will have to learn how to use that cane safely, especially when they are doing things like going up and down the stairs. 

Occupational Therapy

OT and PT may have some overlap, but they have different goals. While PT can help a person who has had an amputation strengthen the limb for a prosthetic and learn how to do some things with their new prosthetic, OT will help that person learn how to use their prosthetic arm to write or eat with. 

Short-term rehabilitation services can help people after a surgery or injury so that they can heal before they go home. They can get services like physical or occupational therapy to help them get ready to go home. Talk to a facility like Hillcrest Nursing Center for more information.


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Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

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