Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

  • 3 Foods To Help Improve Your Memory

    Your brain controls your thoughts, movements, memories and everything else you do in life. You depend on your brain in everything you do. When your brain starts to fail and you begin losing out on precious memories, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to say the least. If you are looking for ways to improve memory and give your brain the boost it needs, consider adding some of these power foods to your everyday diet.

  • The Benefits Of Communal Living: Choosing A Senior Living Community For You Or Your Loved One

    If you are a senior who is getting more nervous about living home alone, or you have a loved one in your life that you believe needs a less independent living arrangement, it's time to consider a senior living community. The benefits of communal living are extensive, and you can find the perfect living arrangement in your community by understanding what you are looking for. Whether you want a facility that is close to potential visitors, one that offers off-site field trips, or one that has an extensive recreation program, the right retirement community is out there to meet your needs.

  • Convincing Your Parent To Move To An Assisted Living Facility

    If your aging parent has displayed signs that they are having difficulty with their mobility, and they live in their own home, you are most likely concerned for their safety when no one else is accompanying them. At this time in someone's life, assisted living is often an option taken to help elderly people by providing safe living quarters and personal care when needed. Here are some tips to use to help prepare your parent for the prospect of moving to an assisted living facility.

  • Is Short-Term Rehab Worth It After A Knee Replacement?

    Having a knee replaced can be a great way to alleviate pain and increase mobility, but the recovery process can be quite difficult. If you are thinking of having a knee replacement in the near future, you may want to consider spending your recovery time in a short-term rehabilitation facility. These facilities can make the recovery process less stressful for patients, and can provide a myriad of other benefits as well.

  • 3 Signs To Look For In Your Aging Loved One To Know It Is Time For A Care Facility

    Alzheimer's is a relatively common disease that affects many aging people. The signs and symptoms of the disease in the early stages may be subtle, but over time they can become severe. The more advanced the disease becomes; the more the individual can become a danger to themselves and others. Here are some signs to look for in your loved one so that you know when the disease has progressed enough that you may need to look for additional help, such as a care facility.

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    Choosing a Top Quality Nursing Home

    When you're facing putting your loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility, you want to make the best possible choice for your loved one. That can be difficult when you don't know much about the nursing homes in your area, or about what you should be looking for in a nursing home to begin with. It's a good idea to tour as many facilities in your area as possible to get an idea of which ones you like, but you still need to know what the signs of a good or bad nursing home are. I used to work as a kitchen assistant in long term care facilities, and I learned a lot about them during that time. I started this blog to share some of my insights into what makes a nursing home great, and how to spot problems in a facility that you're considering.